Single Pack Alcohol Swab Wipe Making Machine 60~120 packs/min

the whole production process is completed automatically without manual labor, smooth operation, convenient operation, high degree of automation


Alcohol wipes are available in various packaging forms, such as single piece, two pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces, etc., which are easy to carry. Different packaging types require different machines to complete, this alcohol swab making machine is mainly used for single pack.

Alcohol Swab Wipe Machine Working Process:

folding→ cutting→ feed in bag→ add liquid→ sealing→ printing→ counting

Alcohol Wipe Machine Characteristics:

  • It can be folded multiple times in the vertical direction and multiple times in the horizontal direction to produce small alcohol wipes.
  • Exquisite four-side sealing bag shape.
  • Single-row, double-row and multi-row bag making.
  • The new model can adapt to OPP, CPP, PET, multi-layer composite film and other packaging materials that can be heat-sealed, and the seal is smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Compared with traditional models, this alcohol swab wipe machine is more intelligent, with higher packaging accuracy, wider adjustable range, more precise control, lower rejection rate and better stability.

Alcohol Swab Wipe Machine Specification:

Model CK-VPD250
Packaging size 50-110mm  Length
Packaging material Composite materials such as composite films, aluminized films, polyethylene / polypropylene
Wet wipes material 30~80g/m2  Clean paper, wet strength paper, non-woven fabric, spunlace non-woven fabric
Unfold the size of the wet wipes Width:30-240mml
Length:60-240mm(according to requirements)
Folding Method Fold up to 8 times in the longitudinal direction and 4 times in the horizontal direction
Packaging speed 60~120 bags/min
Dosing range 0-5ml Liquid accuracy±0.01ML
Power Single phase 220V  50/60Hz  4.8Kw
Gas consumption air compressor
0.5-0.8m3/min  300-500L/min
Machine weight 1100Kg
Machine size 2800mm×2800mm×1800mm

Alcohol Wipe Machine Can Be Used for Production:

  • Hygienic cleaning wipes: Glasses cleaning wipes, Lens cleaning wipes, Aviation meal wipes, etc.
  • Disinfection wipes: Medical multi-fold disinfection wipes, Isopropyl alcohol disinfection wipes, povidone iodine wipes, Nail polish remover, alcohol disinfection wipes, etc.

alcohol swab wipes


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