Automatic Tea Stick Bag Packing Machine Suppliers

Practicality, Convenience, Safety, Simple Maintenance, Easy to Clean, Standardization

This tea stick packing machine is designed for packing tea powder or coffee powder into stick bags, with advanced design and good packaging effect. This machine is widely loved by tea processing manufacturers.


  • New standard design, stainless steel 304 is used for the part in contact with the material.
  • Taking into account the characteristics of tea powder and the measurement accuracy, the measurement method adopts the screw measurement method, which is convenient and accurate.
  • A dust absorption device can be selected to ensure a clean packaging environment and at the same time ensure the sealing effect of the bag.
  • The stick tea bag packing machine can print the production batch number and date, etc.
  • The packaging material has no waste edges, which reduces the waste of packaging materials and reduces production costs.


  • PLC automatic control, touch screen operation, and humanized control interface make operation and parameter setting easier and faster, have error prompts and self-diagnosis functions.
  • The length of the packaging bag can be adjusted through the touch screen.
  • The tea stick packing machine is equipped with a cursor marking device to ensure that the pattern on the packaging bag is stable at the set position.
  • When the packaging film is used up, it will automatically shut down and alarm (the touch screen will display the cause of the alarm). The machine has a packaging film correction docking device, which makes it convenient and quick to replace the packaging film.
  • The packaging bag sealing adopts the principle of heating and pressing, the heating temperature of the horizontal and vertical sealing is independently adjustable, the temperature is displayed in real time, and the sealing temperature can be accurately adjusted according to different packaging film.
  • The touch screen visually displays the number of qualified products and the total output of each shift.


The stick tea bag packing machine is equipped with a safety door, and the machine will automatically stop when the safety door is opened; standard safety switch; in line with EU CE safety standards.

Simple Maintenance:

The model has simple structure design, low failure rate, few wearing parts and convenient maintenance.

Easy to Clean:

The open electrical box makes cleaning and maintenance more convenient and time-saving; all parts in contact with the tea powder can be quickly disassembled, quickly installed, and very convenient to scrub.


The tea stick packing machine adopts standardized design and high parts interchangeability. Common specifications and sizes are used for electrical components, connectors, bearings, etc.


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