Jelly Belly Candy Packing Machine Factory

Tailored, efficient weighing, smart program, hygienic standards, energy saving and high efficiency

Jelly candy packing machine is one of high speed multihead weigher. In this project, we usually use a 10 or 14 head weigher to complete the weighing and packaging, the packaging speed can reach 100 bags/min. Jelly candy is small pieces so we design deep V shape linear feeder pan, jelly candy will be in lines when feeding. This uniform feeding way could keep final weight with stable and better accuracy.


This jelly belly packing machine can be used to pack most kinds of candies on the market, such as gumball, jelly bean, chocolate bean, jelly chocolate, etc. And can realize the packaging of single flavor and mixed flavor, very suitable for candy factory.

jelly candy packing machine samples

Jelly Belly Packing Machine Features:

  • Tailored: Individually designed according to each customer’s packaging needs.
  • Efficient weighing: High-stability, high-precision weighing combination scale.
  • Smart program: Automatic and efficient weighing and packaging, quick and simple operation.
  • Hygienic standards: Stainless steel materials that meet European and American standards.
  • Energy saving and high efficiency: Intelligent mode, high efficiency, energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection.
  • Service life: Optimal material finishing, stable operation and long life.
  • Easy to install: Simple installation, careful debugging, patient service.

The customized system design for customers greatly improves the flexibility and adaptability of operation; while reducing product output time, it ensures high-quality and high-precision stable operation. And we is develoting in designing right jelly candy packing machine to meet each customer’s requirements. Tell us your requirements, we will provide you accurate packing solution.

Jelly Belly Packing Machine Parameter:

Model CK-LK420
Film width max 420mm
Bag width 80-200mm
Bag length 50-300mm
Packing speed 15-80bags/min
Packing range 150-1500ml
Film thickness 0.04-0.10mm
Power 2.5kw/220v 50-60Hz
Machine size 1400*970*1700mm
Machine weight 450kg
Air consumption 0.4m³/min 0.6mpa


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