CK-280BY-4 Automatic Jelly Stick Packing Machine Multilanes

can be used for jelly, ice lolly, fruit juice, shampoo, honey, ketchup and other liquid. High speed, large capacity.

Multilanes jelly stick packing machine can be used for all kinds of liquid and sauce, and its packaging speed is several times that of a single sachet packaging machine, more suitable for medium and large jelly manufacturers.

Jelly Stick Packing Machine Features:

  • Adopting high-precision integral rolling heat-sealing roller, sealing on four sides/three sides/back seal, fast packaging speed and smooth bag shape.
  • In the process of packaging liquids such as jelly, ice lolly and shampoos, additional functions can be appropriately added, such as virtual knives, flat knives, and even special-shaped knives for bag cutting, as well as various alarm requirements.
  • Accurate filling and metering, equipped with centrifugal liquid pump for feeding, metering control adopts high-precision solenoid valve, each valve is equipped with an instantaneous large-flow voltage regulator, so that each row of bags can be easily adjusted for fine and accurate metering.
  • The jelly stick packing machine adopts a photoelectric tracking system to ensure automatic matching of the double-sided patterns of the packaging bag, and has an automatic counting function.
  • Strong adaptability to packaging materials, automatic control of the sealing temperature, and high control accuracy (around ±1℃). This jelly stick packing machine can be adapted to a variety of packaging films, such as cellophane/polyethylene, polyester/polypropylene, polyester/aluminized/polyethylene, etc.

Ice lolly packing machine factory

Ice Lolly Packing Machine Data:

Model CK-280BY-4
Voltage 220V,50Hz,single phase
(could be customized)
Power 3.5kw
Packing list number 4
Packing speed Single column Max. 35 packs/min
Packaging size Length: 50-180mm width: 17-30mm
Film width Maximum 280 mm
film thickness 0.05-0.1mm
Dimension 1385*918*2005mm
Weight 350kg
Materials 304 stainless steel

Selected Configuration:

  1. Date code printer
  2. Straight line cut with easy tear
  3. Hole punching device
  4. Piston pump(for liquid or cream)

About Customize:

You can require specified brand to electrical and pneumatic components. If not, we will use our default brand. You can ask us for our brand list.

Please note that cost may increase, if specified brand is selected.


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