Cheap Plantain Chips Packaging Machine- Banana Chips Packing Machine

Model CK-LK520
Bag width 90-250mm
Bag length 80-350mm
Packing speed 10-70bags/min
Packing range 150-2000ml
Power 3kw/220v 50-60Hz

There are many types of plantain chips packaging machines, and different types of packaging machines can be matched according to different bag types. Common back-sealed bags, stand-up bags, zipper bags, etc. can be packaged by this banana chips packing machine. You can also fill the bag with nitrogen. Filling with nitrogen can prolong the shelf life of plantain chips, and at the same time can prevent the plantain chips from breaking during transportation.

Plantain chips packaging machine is an automatic weighing packaging machine developed by our company for some fried foods on the market. The machine is composed of a vertical packaging machine, a multi-head weigher, and a Z-type material elevator. The workflow of this machine is: The staff poured the banana chips into the vibrating storage hopper, through the material conveyor, the banana chips are transported to the multihead weigher for measurement and weighing, and then the packaging process is completed in a series of links such as filling the banana chips, sealing, and outputting the finished product.

banana chips packing machine

Banana Chips Packing Machine Features:

  • The vibrating material storage device made of 304 stainless steel prevents contamination of the food contact surface. The vibrating storage device pours the plantain chips into the conveying device, and conveys them into the electronic combination scale through the conveying device for measurement.
  • The multihead weigher measures and weighs the plantain chips, ensuring the accuracy of each feeding. The plantain chips are filled into the bag, and the constant temperature heating device is used for horizontal sealing to ensure that the sealing is firm.
  • Equipped with servo motor & film lifting system and optical tracking device, to ensure accurate bag length and color positioning. The servo motor is sealed horizontally, and the speed is fast.

Plantain Chips Packaging Machine Application:

It is suitable for weighing candy, seeds, jelly, pet food, puffed food, all kinds of nuts, all kinds of dried fruits, frozen food, etc.

We can design customized packaging solutions according to different packaging requirements of customers to realize packaging automation.

Plantain chips packing machine factory


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