Automated Cannabis/Marijuana Packaging Machine

Increase in output, increase in profits; high precision

The marijuana packaging machine can not only meet your packaging requirements, but also can be customized according to your space constraints and budget. A fully automated packaging process is realized through functions such as weighing, bagging, and date printing. And we can find a suitable automated packaging solution for your business, saving time and resources while increasing productivity and profits.

cannabis packaging machine

Automated Packaging Machine Advantage:

  1. Say goodbye to cumbersome and non-scalable manual processes: Manual packaging is slow, and workers need to rest. The cannabis packaging machines are accurate, reliable and fast, and can repeat the same actions until you stop them.
  2. Increase in output, increase in profits: Now, using manual packaging, an average of 5 to 15 packages per minute per person can be completed. The Automated packaging machine can get 70 bags per minute; the high-speed system can even produce up to 170 bags per minute.
  3. High precision: The packaging machine is combined with a high-precision multi-head weigher to increase the speed while ensuring accuracy.
  4. Fresher products. Exposure to air, light, humidity and various elements will directly affect the potency of cannabis products. Automated packaging technology can alleviate these factors, thereby extending shelf life.

Questions to Prepare for When Shopping for Marijuana Packaging Machine:

To correctly recommend the right machine and provide you with an accurate price, you need to confirm the following details.

  • How much vertical space do you have available? When you must weigh product to within very tight tolerances, you need a high accuracy multi-head weigher. These weigher often sit on top of a packaging machine. If you are lacking vertical space, please let your manufacturer to know, so they can recommend alternatives.
  • What are your bag sizes? The size of the bag may directly affect the choice of cannabis packaging machine model. If your bag has different sizes, please list all of them.
  • What are your bag types? We also need to know if you are using premade bags or if you would like to form your bags from scratch from a film roll. These choices represent two very different packaging machine types.


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