Automatic Door Window Shrink Wrap Machine for Sale

accurate temperature control, good heat preservation performance, fast speed and long service life

The automatic door shrink wrap machine can be used for large boxes, door, window, chopping board, picture frame and other big size products.

Window Shrink Wrap Machine Features:

  • Hot air circulation design, upper fan installation method, shrink packaging more evenly.
  • The door shrink wrap machine using 3 fans + heat preservation and shrinking, the shrinking effect is better, and the shrinking packaging speed is faster.
  • The solid roller + high temperature resistant silicone tube roller conveyor is reliable and durable.

window shrink wrap machine samples

  • The window shrink wrap machine uses frequency conversion speed regulator, the conveying speed is steplessly adjustable.
  • At the end of the shrinking tunnel, a cooling fan is used to cool the product to achieve rapid shaping of the sealing shrinkage and protect the product.

Window shrink wrap machine factory

  • The 100mm thick thermal insulation layer has good thermal insulation effect, effectively reducing heat loss and saving electricity.
  • The chopping board shrink wrapping machine uses PID digital display temperature control, independent temperature control, heating temperature deviation ±1 degree, temperature control is more stable, heating to set temperature, automatic heat preservation hot air circulation, high efficiency and energy saving.

  • The automatic shutdown function will automatically cut off the power when the equipment is cooled to 70°C, saving waiting time for cooling and extending the service life of the door shrink wrap machine.
  • The electrical components adopt well-known brands, and the use of raw materials and surface treatment ensure quality and quantity to ensure the quality.
Model APT-10070PE-II
Shrink tunnel size W2700*W1000*H700mm
Maximum conveying speed 20M/min
Machine size L3260*W1662*H2088mm
Max packing size L3400*W1800*H2250mm
Weight 1450/2150kg
Power 380/220V  3PH  50/60HZ  50KW


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