Industrial Carton Shrink Wrapping Machine High Speed

wide application range, simple operation, one person operation

Scope of Application:

The shrink wrapping machine is suitable for mass shrink packaging in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, beverage, hardware and other industries.

Carton Shrink Wrapping Machine Features:

  • The sealing knife adopts Teflon-coated anti-sticking and high-temperature aluminum alloy knife, and the sealing line will not crack, coke, and smoke pollution.
  • The carton shrink wrapping machine equipped with detection photoelectric, one set horizontal and one set vertical detection, easy to switch and choose.
  • Automatic feeding, length can be adjusted automatically through the combination of electric eye and timer. Equipped with induction motor to automatically take up waste.
  • When the size of the package changes, the adjustment is very simple, and there is no need to change the mold and the bag maker.
  • Products of different sizes can also be combined with packaging to achieve promotional effects.
  • The thermostat adopts the “Omron” digital display thermostat with built-in PID function. The temperature of the sealing knife is very sensitive and accurate, and it can be set at will. Don’t worry about temperature inaccuracy, the sealing knife also has an automatic protection function, which can effectively prevent the package from being cut by mistake.
  • The sealing and cutting part of the machine is equipped with a plexiglass protective cover and has an automatic alarm function to ensure the safety of the operator.

Carton shrink wrapping machine details

Carton Shrink Wrapping Machine Operating Procedure:

  1. Turn on the power switch of the shrink wrappingmachine, turn on the power, turn on the conveyor belt, preheat for about 5 minutes, and turn on the fan switch. At this time, according to the product size and film thickness, adjust the upper and lower chamber temperature adjustment knobs and the conveying speed, after debugging to meet the requirements of use, you can start shrink packaging.
  2. In practice, if there are too many wrinkles after shrinking, reduce the conveying speed or increase the heating temperature but not more than 200°C.Conversely, if excessive shrinkage occurs, the temperature can be lowered or the conveying speed can be increased.
  3. After the shrink wrapping machinefinish working, turn off the heating switch first, let the conveying motor and hot air motor continue to run for about 10 minutes, and then cut off the power supply.

Carton Shrink Wrapping Machine Operation Precautions:

  1. In the heat shrink tunnel, there is one set of electric heating tubes with fixed opening, and the other set of electric heating tubes with adjustable temperature.
  2. The shrinking temperature should be controlled below 190℃, and the conveying speed should be controlled below 6 gears. If over-temperature or over-speed operation, it will cause premature aging of the circuit and reduce the life of electrical components and the life of the machine.
  3. The bottom of the machine should maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions to prevent electrical components from overheating.
  4. The sealing and cutting machine has been used for more than three months, check the condition of the wires in the shrink tunnel, and replace them as appropriate.
  5. When the carton through the shrinking tunnel, try to place it in the middle to make the packaging effect better and more beautiful.


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