Flow Pack Long Cut Pasta Packaging Machine Systems

Application: long cut pasta, spaghetti, stick noodles, etc.

The long cut pasta packaging machine automatically completes the weighing, feeding, conveying, filling, sealing and cutting of strips such as long pasta, stick noodles, etc. And fully automatic packaging into bags. The packing speed is about 40 packs per minute, and the conventional packing specification is 200g-1000g. Please consult for other specifications and sizes (Email: )

Long Cut Pasta Packaging Machine Composition:

  • Flow wrap packaging machine: It adopts servo motor to control the conveying of packaging film, with precise cutting point and easy adjustment; it has a perfect anti-cutting device and high safety.
  • Conveyor: Adopt one-piece structure, long life; adopt photoelectric coupling control to reduce the probability of leaking packets.
  • Weighing machine: It adopts English touch screen and PLC control to replace the traditional separation instrument weighing method. It has fast weighing speed, high measurement accuracy, intuitive and convenient operation, and is an alternative to traditional weighing machines.

Long Cut Pasta Packaging Machine Features:

  1. The internal control management system can use stepper motor subdivision technology, which has high bag making accuracy, stability, safety and reliability.
  2. Tracking the color code or setting the bag length can be set directly in the computer control system, which is convenient for users to use different packaging.
  3. Two-way temperature control of heat sealing, intelligent environmental temperature control, good heat balance, ensure sealing quality, suitable for a variety of product packaging design materials.
  4. The intelligent servo motor control speed regulation system can better meet the packaging design requirements, adjust the packaging speed, and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.

pasta packaging machine

The long cut pasta packaging machine can obtain pasta finished products with consistent specifications according to the shape and size required by customers, but manual packaging cannot be effectively guaranteed. Only through mechanical packaging can we truly achieve the standardization of pasta packaging and meet the requirements of collective packaging.


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