Pneumatic Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine (2-12 Filling Heads)

high filling accuracy, fast filling speed, no foaming, PLC control, simpler operation

Our experience in packaging equipment manufacturing ensures the technological level of the cosmetic cream filling machine we produce, We always strive to apply new technologies to our filling machines in order to provide our customers with better services.

Our cosmetic filling machines are built to accurately dispense a broad range of liquid cosmetic products, such as:

cosmetic liquid filling machine

Cosmetic Liquid Filling Machine Features:

  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions, filling speed up to 120 bottles/min.
  • Choose stainless steel frame, stainless steel wire drawing plate, compact structure, beautiful appearance and novel design.
  • The discharge nozzle is designed with anti-drip, high filling accuracy (±1%) and accurate measurement.
  • When filling, the filling head is upward from the bottom, effectively avoiding foam caused by liquid impact and preventing liquid from overflowing.
  • The cosmetic filling machine adopts PLC system control, the filling process is stable and reliable, equipped with overload and emergency stop protection.
  • PLC intelligent control of the filling volume, precise and stable control, convenient and quick adjustment.
  • The filling range is large, the filling volume can be adjusted within a range, and it can be customized if it exceeds the range.
  • The cosmetic cream filling machine adopts electric and gas-phase coordinated control to automatically control operation, which greatly improves the stability of machine operation.

Cosmetic Filling Machine Working Video:

The solutions we provide can store any kind of cosmetics in any kind of container. Easy to clean, flexible, fast, and most importantly, it is suitable for handling different kinds of cosmetics. From filling, capping to labeling. Our cosmetic filling machine is constantly being upgraded to meet the growing needs of the cosmetics and personal care industries. If you need help, please contact us:

Cosmetic Liquid Filling Machine Data:

Model CK-GT4T-4G
Voltage 220V  50/60Hz
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
SS Material SUS304
Pistion Material PTFE
Main Cylinder SMC(Japan)
PLC&Screen Delta
Filling Volume Range 100-1000ml
Filling Heads 4
Filling Speed 16-20 Bottles/Min
Machine Size (L*W* H)  2000*1050*1900 mm
Weight 350Kg


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