CE Certification Hot Dog Pillow Packaging Machine

faster packing speed, up to 230 packs/min; wide packaging range, max packing length 280mm

The pillow packing machine is applying to the packing of various kinds of products, like food, daily use products, stationary, toys, hotel supplies, etc. supporting equipment can be provided according to customer needs to form a fully automatic packaging line.

Working Principle of Pillow Packing Machine:

The packaging film roll is mounted on the shaft roller, put the hot dog into the feeder, the conveyor belt automatically transports the hot dog to the position of the packaging machine, wrap in the film, then it is heated and pressed into shape and sent to the horizontal sealing cutter for heat sealing, horizontal sealing and cutting. Then the packaged hot dog is output by the conveyor belt.

Hot Dog Packaging Machine Features:

  • Wide packaging range: either color code tracking or fixed length mode, the package length range can be 120-280mm, can also customized made.
  • Automatic variable speed cutter: the cutter variable speed operation, no manual adjustment, more convenient and faster.
  • Faster packaging speed: in color tracking mode, the packaging speed is 40-230 packs/min.
  • Precise air defense package: No matter whether the material supply is continuous or not, in any case, the system can automatically and accurately ensure that each packaging bag has materials, to prevent the occurrence of empty bags, to achieve zero loss of packaging materials.

Pillow packing machine factory

Optional Device of Hot Dog Packaging Machine:

  1. Date coder
  2. Automatic punching device
  3. Full stainless steel
  4. Customized sealing patterns and notch
  5. Automatic feeder

Warm Notice:

dear customer, in order to suggest you a suitable pillow packing machine, please send your packing requirements to us together as below:

  • Product picture (need to see shape)
  • Product size (not bag size)
  • If you have differernt size, please list all the size you want to pack.
  • If you have any other requirements, we’re very glad to customized for you.


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