Auto Heat Seal CD&DVD Shrink Wrap Machine

Do you want to shrink wrap CDs, DVDs or video games but don’t know where to start? You’re in luck. We offer several options for cd shrink wrap machine.

The auto cd shrink wrap machine is widely used in mass production and packaging flow operations, with high work efficiency, automatic film feeding, automatic film sealing and cutting, suitable for products of different widths and heights.

Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine Use:

Suitable for single packaging or combined packaging of various CDs, DVDs, video games, cosmetics, electronic products, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, picture frames, etc.

DVD Shrink Wrap Machine Features:

  • The sealing knife adopts Teflon-coated anti-sticking and high-temperature aluminum alloy knife, and the sealing will not crack, coke, smoke and pollution.
  • The cd shrink wrap machine equipped with imported detection photoelectric, one set of horizontal and vertical detection, easy to switch and choose, for small products, it can easily complete the sealing and packaging operation.
  • Auto feeding, length can be adjusted automatically by the combination of electric eye and timer.
  • When the size of product is changed, the adjustment is simple, and there is no need to change the mold and bag former. Products of different sizes can also be combined and packaged.
Model CK-FL450
Power(KW) 1.5
Voltage AC220V/50/60HZ
Max Packing Size L*W(MM) 550*450
Max Sealing Size(MM) <500
Packing Speed(bag/min) 15-30
Gas Source 6-8Kg/cm^2
Shrink Film POF/PE
Machine Size 1650*880*1450
Weight 280

Shrink Tunnel Characteristics:

  • Using stainless steel radiant heating tube, heating fast, 40% power saving, automatic constant temperature control.
  • The shrink tunnel has an internal hot air circulation structure: high efficiency, uniform temperature and good shrinkage effect.
  • The thermal cycle air motor is equipped with overload protection to avoid local continuous heating and damage the dvd shrink wrap machine.
  • The heating tube is not exposed and has high safety.
Model CK-BS4525LA
Voltage 220-380V/50-60HZ 3Phase
Power(KW) 6.5
Load(KG) 30
Heat Tunnel Size(mm) 900*450*250
Machine Size(mm) 1200*700*1000
Transfer Speed(m/s) 0-10
Weight(KG) 120


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