What to use to pack frozen food? Due to the low temperature characteristics of frozen food, manual packaging faces many challenges. Therefore, automated packaging equipment plays an important role in frozen food packaging. Among them, multi-head weigher packaging machine has become one of the preferred equipment for frozen food packaging due to its precision and high efficiency.

frozen vegetable packaging machine
  1. Principle of operation

This is an automated equipment for quantitative packaging, and its working principle mainly includes the following steps:

Material conveying: Frozen food is evenly distributed to each weighing head by vibrating feeder or belt conveyor.

Weighing: Each weighing head works independently and weighs the material accurately according to the preset weight requirement.

Combination Calculation: The computer control system performs combination calculations on the data from multiple weighing heads to find the combination closest to the target weight.

Discharge: Select the best combination of weighing heads to discharge the material into the bag at the same time.

2. Advantage

High Accuracy: High weighing accuracy, usually down to ±0.1 grams, ensures that the weight of each package of frozen food meets requirements.

High efficiency: with multiple weighing heads, it can handle multiple weighing tasks at the same time, dramatically increasing packaging speed.

Strong adaptability: the equipment can be adjusted according to different frozen food types and specifications, with strong adaptability and wide application.

High degree of automation: integrated with advanced control system, it realizes fully automatic operation, reduces manual intervention and lowers labor intensity.

3. Applications

In the frozen food industry, multi-head weighing packaging machine is widely used for packaging various products, such as frozen vegetables, dumplings, chicken nuggets and so on. Its application is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Frozen vegetables: such as frozen corn kernels, peas, diced carrots, etc. With the multi-head weighing packaging machine, fast and accurate packaging can be realized to ensure the same weight of each bag of vegetables.

Frozen Dumplings: Dumplings are fragile at low temperatures and can be gently handled by the multihead weighing packaging machine to avoid product breakage and ensure product quality.

Frozen Chicken Nuggets: These irregularly shaped products can be accurately weighed and combined by the multihead weighing packaging machine, which can ensure that the weight of each bag meets the requirements and avoid wastage.

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