2KG Flour Paper Bag Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Easy way for flour packaging, save time, save labor, easy operate, more safe.

The flour paper bag packaging machine is composed of a quantitative filling machine, a linear conveyor and a shrink wrap machine. It is especially suitable for the quantitative packaging of small granular materials and powder materials, such as flour, starch, coffee powder, sugar and other materials.

Flour Packing Process:

Measure——Packaging ——Shrink wrap

Flour Paper Bag Packaging Machine Working Principle:

  • Measure: Spiral weighing scale(servo motor + mixing motor + high measurement accuracy)
  • Packaging: Automatic feeding- open bag- filling- shock- fold bag- spray glue- agglutinate- form brick packaging.
  • Bag loading: Magazine delivery system, form-fill and seal unit.
  • Packaging materials: roll stock paper, roll stock paper laminates, Premade paper bags.
  • Straight-line conveyor palletizing machine and shrink wrap machine: The linear conveyor palletizer yards the packed brick-shaped flour paper bags into groups- wrapping film- feed into the shrink machine- finished

Paper Bag Packaging Machine Features:

  1. The flour paper bag packaging machine is developed for the quantitative packaging of paper bags for small particles and powder materials, and can independently complete filling, sealing, metering, barcode recognition, printing, labeling, coding, coding, stacking, etc.
  2. Using advanced horizontal bag delivery method, the bag storage device can store more packaging bags.
  3. The loss of packaging materials is low; the packaging bag has perfect patterns and firm sealing, which improves the product quality.

Paper Bag Packaging Machine Specification:

Item Description Details
1 Model CK-TB-F02S
2 Bag type Premade paper bag
3 Type of packaging Glue
4 Max packing weight 2.5Kg
5 Packing speed 20-22bag/min
6 Filling head 1
7 Power 6Kw
8 Air consumption 700NL/min
9 Ambient temperature -5- +40℃
10 Relative humidity BELOW85%
11 Voltage and frequency AC380V 50HZ
12 Working pressure 0.6MPa

As a paper bag packaging machine manufacturer, we can design different machines to meet the packaging needs of different specifications of flour, from 500g bags to 50kg bag sizes. Contact us to design for your products.


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