Cankey Automatic Vegetable Packing Machine ECO Friendly

Application: Radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, various leafy greens, etc.

The automatic vegetable packaging machine belongs to a type of horizontal packing machine, which is suitable for packing all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

Vegetable Packaging Equipment Features:

  1. It is suitable for packing all kinds of vegetables. The key parts of the machine are made of 304 stainless steel, which conforms to food QS and pharmaceutical GMP hygiene standards. 12-20 round holes can be used for exhaust.
  2. The control unit is composed of servo motor and servo driver. The control precision is extremely high. The intelligent control system makes all parameters easy to set and accurate to lock; the locking of parameters such as bag forming, cutting length, sealing temperature, etc. is more accurate.
  3. The servo system replaces the traditional mechanical film feeding system, simplifies the mechanical structure, makes the operation of the automatic vegetable packaging machinemore stable, the daily maintenance is more convenient and simple, reduces the skill requirements for the operator, and also reduces the noise and noise of the machine operation. The failure rate is significantly reduced.
  4. The use of variable frequency speed regulation reduces costs and improves cost performance.
  5. The new type of longitudinal sealing heating can seal at low temperature and reduce parking hot film.

vegetable packing equipment

Safe Operating Procedures of Vegetable Packaging Equipment:

  1. Before runningthe vegetable packaging machine, check whether the specifications of the packaged bag making machine meet the requirements.
  2. Turn the belt of the main machine by hand to observe whether the machine is running flexibly. When it is confirmed that there is no abnormality in the machine, turn on the power again.
  3. Put the packaging film between the two rollers. In the filmholder arm board slot of the machine, the film roller should clamp the core of the loaded material so that the package is aligned with the bag maker, and then tighten the knob. , make sure the printed side is facing forward. After the machine is switched on and off, adjust the axial position of the packaging film on the film roller according to the film feeding situation to ensure normal film
  4. Turn on the main power switch of the automatic vegetable packaging machine, press down the clutch handle to separate the metering mechanism from the main drive, turn on the start switch, and the machine runs idly.
  5. If the conveyor belt rotates clockwise, it should stop running immediately. At this time, the main motor is reversed, and the belt rotates counterclockwise after the motor is inverted.
  6. To set the temperature, according to the packaging material used, set the heat sealing temperature on the thermometer of the electronic control box.
  7. Adjust the bag length, put the packaging material into the bag maker according to the relevant regulations, sandwich it between the two rollers, turn the roller, and pull the packaging material below the cutter until it reaches the set temperature for 2 minutes, then turn on the start switch and release the adjustment Adjust the bag length adjustment nut, adjust the handle of the bag length controller, turn it clockwise to shorten the bag length, on the contrary, when the required bag length is reached, tighten the nut.

Vegetable Packing Machine Data:

Model CK-280XA
Film roll diameter Max320mm
bag length 100-900mm(Self-identifying bag length)
Bag width 100-280mm
Product height Max.180mm
Packing speed 15-25bag/min
Power 220V 50/60Hz 4.0KW
air consumption 0.8Mpa  0.5m3/min
Machine size (L)4220×(W)920×(H)1460mm
Machine weight About680kg


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