Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine for Loose Leaf

Ultrasonic seamless sealing, PLC programmable control, touch screen operation.

The pyramid tea bag packing machine has a wide range of applications, such as: green tea, black tea, flower tea, health tea, and other small granular materials, the finished bags are formed into triangles.

Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine Features:

  • Ultrasonic seamless sealing cut off to produce a triangle tea bag with beautiful bag shape and firm sealing.
  • Automatic quantitative measurement method, easy to change packaging specifications and types.
  • The pyramid tea bag packing machine using PLC programmable control, touch screen operation, more convenient to use and simpler to operate.

Triangle tea bag packing machine

  • SMC pneumatic components, Schneider low-voltage electrical appliances, improve the stability of the equipment for a long time.
  • The inner bag and outer bag packaging machine can be used separately, flexible use, strong practicability.
  • The outer bag is packaged with heat-sealable composite material, the pattern can be customized according to customer requirements, and the automatic positioning and cutting can be achieved.

loose leaf tea packing machine

  • Stainless steel sealed body, anti-corrosion and dust-proof.
  • Nitrogen-filled device can be installed to extend product retention period and freshness.
  • The triangle tea bag packaging machine can be equipped with a random printing device for the production date to make the production more standardized and safer for consumption.

Advantages of Pyramid Tea Bag:

  1. After the hot water is brewed, there is enough space for the tea leaves to fully expand and maintain the original taste of the tea leaves.
  2. It can be brewed multiple times without damaging the tea bags.
  3. The transparent packaging material allows consumers to clearly see the tea materials.
Model CK-YS-SJB04
Packing Weight 1-7 g
Sealing Type horizontal Sealing ,vertical sealing
Packing Speed 25-40 bags/min
Inner Bag’s size Length:60-80 mm ,Width:40-80 mm
Power 220 V/50 Hz/3.0 Kw
Air source ≥0.6Mpa
Machine Weight 450 Kg
Machine’ Size 1250*1450*2110 mm


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