Vegetable Kale Chips Packing Machine Factory

easy and precise operation of packing, convenient loading and unloading of chips, less maintenance with easy handling

As a factory, we are committed to manufacturing, exporting and supplying various types of vegetable chips packing machines with our rich expertise in the packaging field. These machines are praised by customers for their excellent functions. This machine is mainly used in the food processing industry, and the nitrogen filling function can prevent food from breaking.

Kale Chips Packing Machine Main Composition:

  • Multihead weigher: Made of stainless steel, accurate measurement and fast weighing speed.
  • Bag feeding filling rotating system: It is mainly processed and assembled from 304 stainless steel components, high-precision bearings and other materials that meet the food packaging hygiene standards; to ensure food hygiene and safe and reliable equipment.
  • Transmission system: A uniform speed and constant torque frequency conversion motor is used to uniformly control the rotating system; thereby achieving the purpose of accuracy, coordination and high speed.
  • Control system: The use of Siemens components (main components include: PLC, touch screen, frequency converter) to ensure stable operation, safety, and accurate control of the equipment.
  • Safety detection system: Equipped with a complete safety detection system to achieve the purpose of preventive monitoring and intelligent control.

Kale Chips Packing Machine Features:

  • Adjustable packing control for various flavors of chips.
  • Easy and precise operation of packing.
  • Convenient loading and unloading of chips.
  • Requires less maintenance with easy handling.
  • PLC based control system for automatic operations.
  • Exclusive designed along with advanced features provides easy handling and automatic packing of vegetable chips.

Kale Chips Packing Machine Technical Parameters:

  • Packing speed: 20-40 bags/min
  • Bag size: W:120-210mm, L:150-400mm
  • Bag types: All kinds of compound bags, such as flat bag, 3-side sealing bag, 4-side sealing bag, zipper bag, stand up bag, etc
  • Filling range: 10-2500g
  • Total power: 4.75KW
  • Overall dimensions(mm): 1800*1700*1500mm

Optional Attachments:

These vegetable chips packing machines are equipped with 8 to 14 weighing heads, nitrogen gas flushing system, perforation / strip cutting system, batch printing device, etc.

What Kind of Bag Is This Machine Suitable for?

  1. Pillow bag/sachet/pouch
  2. Gusset bag/ stand up bag
  3. Three or four sides sealing bags/sachet/pouch
  4. Pyramid bag/sachet/pouch
  5. Doypack bag

Types of Packing Bags


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