Automatic Mixed Nuts Weighing and Filling Machine

Non-stick material, fast speed, high precision, made of thick stainless steel

Mixed Nuts Packing Machine Scope of Application:

This automatic bag weighing and filling machine is suitable for different kinds of nuts, such as cashews, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, broad beans, melon seeds, cocoa beans, etc., and mixtures of different nuts.

Nut Packaging Machine Composition:

  1. Vertical packing machine
  2. Computer combination scale/linear scale
  3. Z type conveyor
  4. Vibrating feeder
  5. Work platform
  6. Optional finished product conveyor + weight detector

Automatic bag weighing and filling machine and

Mixed Nuts Packing Machine Characteristic:

  1. The speed can be adjusted to increase the versatility of materials.
  2. The linear vibration machine with increased amplitude enhances the fluidity of the
  3. The downward-inclined dedicated line vibration plate ensures smooth feeding.
  4. The 60-degree angle chute is conducive to the falling of materials and effectively prevents the phenomenon of sticking materials.
  5. The overall middle seat is thickened by casting to enhance the strength of the machine and make the weighing time shorter.

Nut Packaging Machine Features:

  • The automatic bag weighing and filling machine uses high-precision, high-standard special sensors, more accurate measurement.
  • It can automatically pause when there is no material to make the weighing more stable.
  • The amplitude of each line can be adjusted independently during operation to make the feeding more even.
  • The mixed nuts packing machine with multiple language, easy to operate, and meet the needs of customers in different countries.

Note: Different configurations with different prices. Please consult customer service for installation, debugging and after-sales service.

Model CK-LK420
Film width max 420mm
Bag width 80-200mm
Bag length 50-300mm
Packing speed 15-80bags/min
Packing range 150-1500ml
Film thickness 0.04-0.10mm
Power 2.5kw/220v 50-60Hz
Machine size 1400*970*1700mm
Machine weight 450kg
Air consumption 0.4m³/min 0.6mpa


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