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What Is Shrink Wrapping?

Shrink wrap, shrink wrap is a packaging process, a group of cans are wrapped in shrinkable plastic film, after exposing to hot air, holds the cans firmly together for transport.

Advantages of Shrink Packaging:

  • Low cost, waterproof and moisture proof.
  • Compared with box packaging, the degree of automation is higher and the cost is lower.
  • The product is visible, you can see the cans through the packaging film.
  • Will not damage the tray.

Shrink wrap samples

Cans Shrink Wrap Machine Features:

  • The rapid cooling structure of the sealing ensures higher sealing strength under high-speed production conditions.
  • The heat shrink packaging machine adopts PLC program automatic cycle control, stable and reliable performance.
  • The induction switch controls the film feeding system, which can reliably regulate the film feeding length and reduce losses.
  • All conveying adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the conveying is smooth and smooth.
  • Unique heat shrinkage channel, two sets of centrifugal hot air circulation system, uniform heat balance, tight shrinkage and beautiful appearance.
  • Three-layer heat insulation treatment, good heat preservation performance, fast heating, and energy saving.

Cans Shrink Wrap Machine Specification:

                  Sealing and Cutting Machine
Model CK-FX5038 Power 1.6kw,220V/50HZ,
Max Packing Size 450*270*330mm
Packing speed 0—-8 pcs/min Pressure 5kg/square
Dimension 1020*830*1500mm Weight 170KG
                 Heat shrinking Machine
Model CKBS-6040 Heating power 22KW
Max Size of Packing chamber 600*400*1500mm
Dimension 2500*850*1400mm Weight 200kg

Beer Cans Shrink Wrap Machine Working Flow:

  1. Cansgrouping. Divide 4/6/8/9 cans into one group by pneumatic or electric pusher (the quantity is adjusted according to actual demand).
  2. Wrapping. The shrink film is wrapped around the cans to form a bundle.
  3. Heat shrink. The cans pass through the heating zone of the shrink tunnel, and the circulating hot air shrinks the film, tightly wraps the can outside, outputs and cools.

What Kinds of Products Can Be Shrink Wrapped?

Most bottles, beer cans, cartons and boxes are ideal for shrink packaging. Many other types of products can also be shrink wrapped. Products with small weight or strange shape can be packaged by heat shrink packaging machine.


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