Milk Powder Packaging Line

accurate measurement, no dust, environmental sanitation

The milk powder packaging line is our customized filling equipment according to customer needs, suitable for protein powder, whole milk powder, milk powder for baking, dry milk powder substitute, nonfat dry milk powder and other powder products. Including bottle unscrambler, filling machine, can sealing machine, capping machine, coding machine, etc. The packaging line can save a lot of labor costs for production enterprises and greatly improve production efficiency.

Milk powder packaging line

Main Equipment Features:

  • Vacuum feeder: Automatically convey milk powder to the hoppers of silos, packaging machines, mixers and other equipment. It reduces the labor intensity of workers and solves the problems of dust overflow during feeding.
  • Bottle unscrambler: Arrange the cans/bottles manually placed or unloaded by the depalletizer into rows.
  • Auger filling machine: Touch screen man-machine interface, stable work, anti-interference, high weighing accuracy, convenient and intuitive operation. The packaging weight is steplessly adjustable at any time, the working status can be changed at any time, and the operation is convenient.
  • Can sealing machine: When a can enters, the lid is allocated accordingly, and if there is no can, there is no lid. High production capacity and high degree of automation.

(Note: These machines can be sold in combination or sold separately)

milk powder filling line

Milk Powder Packaging Line Characteristic:

  1. The supporting machines of this packaging line are all stainless steel except for the indicated materials, and all structures are selected and designed in accordance with food hygiene standards.
  2. The packaging line is designed in accordance with GMP standards and fully meets food hygiene requirements. Really realize the fully automated action of the assembly line to ensure that the operator will not touch the milk powder during the packaging process, and the production process is completely transparent and more reliable.
  3. The inner wall of the container in contact with the milk powder has been polished. The structures that are frequently dismantled and washed are connected by easy-to-disassemble parts to ensure easy cleaning when changing materials.
  4. The filling accuracy of the system can be controlled within 1-2g, reducing milk powder
  5. Equipped with dust absorption device to ensure the sanitation of the production environment.

Application Scope:

The milk powder packaging line is suitable for tinplate cans, aluminum alloy cans, or bottles with different shapes.


In addition, we also provide milk powder bag packaging machines and bag packaging lines. Tell us your needs, and we will design your own plan for you.



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