Industrial Baby Wet Wipes Production Line Price

full automatic, durability, low maintenance, high speed


Wet Wipes Production Process:

The automatic wet wipes production line directly cuts, folds, soaks, and cuts the raw materials, and automatically transports the wet wipes to the packaging machine. From raw materials to final products are completed on the machine, the production speed is high and hygienic. The wipes folding machine and the packaging machine can be automatically connected for production, or can be separated according to the special size of the product, so that customers can use the folding machine to the greatest extent and obtain the greatest profit.

Baby Wipes Machine Standard Configuration:

Production date printing device, punch opening device, bag gusset device, electric eye automatic tracking device, adjustable bag maker, operating screen

Wet Wipes Production Line Advantages:

  • Automatic: The baby wipes are either bagged single or in a pack. The baby wipes machine is efficient in terms of proper packaging so that the internal moisture of the wet wipes is maintained throughout the shelf life. On the other hand, the automatic process will enhance the speed of the production and reduce the packaging time.
  • Durability: The machine is made of stainless steel, it is durable and capable of handling a high rate of production without creating any nuisance.
  • Low maintenance: The machines in the production line are made of industry-grade raw material so as to tolerate the diverse industrial conditions.
  • Specific features: The packaging speed, product size range, PLC, etc will be in the perfect scale so that meet different customers requirement.
Machine model CKSH-120A
Applied nonwoven material Spunlace or flushable material and degradable material
Nonwoven specification Maximum W1050mm,Φ1200mm, core φ76.2mm, online slitting(double small roll machine don’t need slitting)
Lanes distribute and folding 20 lanes of nonwoven, lanes running, 10 lanes standby for splicing
Applied packing film PET/PE, BOPP/PE, PET/AL/PE laminated film and other heat-seal materials
Packing film specification Maximum W460mm, Φ360mm, coreφ76.2mm
Packing film quantity 2 rolls of packing film, non-stop auto splicing
Applied sticker Transparent sticker or non-transparent sticker
Sticker specification Maximum W100mm,Φ400mm, coreφ76.2mm, 2 rolls of sticker, non-stop switch
Fold type Not pop up extraction or pop up extraction
Folded size L130-200mm, W95-115mm(otherwise indicated)
Unfolded size L130-200mm, W180-210mm(otherwise indicated)
Package size L150-300mm,W100-125mm,H30-100mm(otherwise indicated)
Production speed 80 ppm or 400cpm or 4000wipes/min, whichever comes first
External dimension L15900mm, W4590mm, H2350mm
Rated power AC380V(customizable),50/60Hz, three-phase five-wire, 30KW
Compressed air 0.6-0.8Mpa, 155Lmin
Net weight about 18000kg

Baby Wipes Machine Price:

Choose different configurations according to different production requirements, the baby wipes machine price is around USD 15000 – 100000/set.

How to Operate A Wet Wipes Production Line?

If you don’t know how to operate it, you can contact us for free online supports. we also give abroad service for machine installment and maintainence. If you want a quick study for wet wipes machine operation and trouble shooting, please ask us for detailed operation video and operation manual.


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