Multi-Function Crisp Packaging Machine Hot Selling

precise combination, fast packaging, wide application range

Scope of Application:

The crisp packaging machine can be used for puffed food (potato chips, French fries, etc), all kinds of nuts, frozen food, candy, seeds, pet food and other granular, spherical, and blocky irregular materials.

Packaging Material:

Polyester/polyethylene, polyester aluminized polyethylene, polyester aluminum foil polyethylene, paper polyethylene, nylon and other heat-sealable composite materials.

Crisp Chips Packing Machine Working Principle:

The combined weighing packing machine is composed of multiple weighing units with independent feeding and discharging structures. Generally, a multi-head microcomputer combined scale is composed of 8 -32 weighing units. The computer uses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically optimize and calculate the load of each weighing unit, and obtain a combination that is closer to the quantitative value for packaging.

Take a 10-head scale as an example. When weighing, each weighing unit is weighed, and the weight data of each weighing hopper is read into the computer. The computer makes the optimal combination. According to the principle of mathematical combination and computer technology, 10 buckets can achieve 1023 combinations. The computer selects the combination close to the target weight value from the 1023 combinations.

Crisp Packaging Machine Features:

  1. The crisp chips packing machine adopts full computer touch screen operation, man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation. PLC control system, equipped with well-known brand electrical components, can automatically complete bag making, metering, filling, inflation, sealing, cutting, counting, coding, and can be customized according to customer requirements.
  2. Intelligent photoelectric control device to ensure complete packaging and bag making patterns. The bag pulling adopts servo-driven motor control and color code positioning, with stable performance, convenient adjustment and accurate detection.
  3. The weighing system adopts high-precision, high-calculation multi-head computer combined weighing to measure and blank. High precision and fast speed.
  4. This potato crisp packaging machine adopts packaging forms such as back seal/three-side seal/four-side seal. The cutting knife can choose different methods: flat knife, sawtooth, etc.
  5. According to the characteristics of different materials, different packaging technologies are configured, such as waterproof, fragile, sticky, mixed weighing, etc., which can meet the packaging needs of different materials.


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