What is the purpose of candy packaging? Generally, the purpose is to be attractive and protect.

  • To ensure the mellowness of the candy, after the candy is packaged, avoid contact with the outside air to ensure that the candy is not susceptible to moisture and can maintain the aromatic smell of the candy.
  • Extend the shelf life of candies. A high-quality packaging can greatly extend the shelf life of candies without affecting the taste and quality of candies.

How to Complete Candy Packaging?

There are many ways of packaging candy, here we introduce one of them–pillow type packaging. A method suitable for single candy packaging is completed by a professional candy packaging machine.

The specific packaging process is as follows:

  1. Install packaging film on the machine;
  2. Adjust the packaging opening according to the film width and product height, and start the packaging machine after the rectification is completed;
  3. Adjust the speed of the conveyor belt of the packaging machine according to the speed of the candies;
  4. The candies are packaged after passing through the exit.

Why Use This Machine?

  1. The transmission system is simple and stable, not only can realize one-time feeding, packaging, sealing and cutting, but also can effectively improve the packaging efficiency.
  2. With positioning and stopping functions. In the sealing and cutting process after packaging, not only the accuracy is higher, but also the packaging film will not stick to the cutter during the continuous working process.
  3. The scrap rate is low, and the transmission system is equipped with an automatic detection device, which will not let the empty package enter the sealing and cutting process, and avoid the waste of packaging film.
  4. Energy-saving, high-efficiency, can be adjusted according to the needs of different markets and technologies, and keep pace with the times.

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