Chocolate is a popular food types and flavors in the world, it has to go through a very complicated production process before leaving the factory, and packaging is the last process. But do you know what is the chocolate packing process?

Here will show you a chocolate packing process flow chart, let you understand the chocolate packing process better.

arrange— delivery— arrangement— feeding —wrapping— vertical seal— horizontal seal —output

The whole process can be completed automatically by the pillow type chocolate packaging machine. This video can give you a better understanding of the chocolate packing process:

The machine in the video is designed for chocolate, with following features:

  1. Full servo intelligent control, low noise operation, more comfortable working environment.
  2. Automation: the whole process of feeding, forming, filling and sealing is fully automatic, directly connected to the assembly line, and the degree of automation is high.
  3. Menu operation is simple and convenient: Humanized design, industrial touch screen, man-machine dialogue operation, intuitive parameter display and more convenient use.
  4. Automatic film splicing device makes online packaging easier.
  5. The unique structure design solves the automatic high-speed packaging of small chocolates.

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