Good-looking confectionery packaging materials play a very important role in the sales of candy. Good-looking packaging can attract the attention of consumers and stimulate the desire to buy. So what are the commonly used confectionery packaging materials?

confectionery packaging materials
  1. Composite material packaging

Due to the composite characteristics of multiple materials and obvious protective display capabilities, composite materials are easy to obtain, simple to process, strong composite layers, and low consumption, and gradually become a commonly used packaging material in candy. Most of the composite materials are based on flexible packaging. Currently, commonly used materials include paper-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, and paper-aluminum composite. The inner packaging is composed of PET and aluminum foil to maintain the product’s gloss, fragrance, shape, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, extend shelf life and protect product performance.

2. Plastic flexible packaging

Plastic packaging has gradually become one of the main packaging materials for candy due to its rich functions and diverse display power. With the maturity of technology, cold-seal soft bags have gradually become the main inner packaging of confectionery due to their high packaging speed, low peculiar smell, no pollution, easy tearing, etc., and can avoid the influence of high temperature in the confectionery packaging process.

3. Aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil has the characteristics of moisture-proof, light-proof and heat preservation. Both the inside and outside of the candy have the shadow of aluminum foil. Candy is a kind of food that melts easily, and aluminum foil can effectively ensure that its surface does not melt.

4. Paper packaging

Due to the high environmental protection of paper, they are generally used for the outer packaging of candy. The outer packaging uses a fixed carton to protect the confectionery from damage and enhance the display. Paper packaging involves coated paper, white cardboard, grayboard, cardboard and corrugated paper. Some high value-added functional papers, such as water resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, deodorization, and wafer paper, are gradually increasing.

These are the common confectionery packaging materials. Depending on their packaging styles, there are also container packaging on the market, which need to be made of metal materials or used in combination with composite materials. No matter what kind of packaging materials are used to protect candies, improve product hygiene and safety, and increase consumers’ desire to buy and product value. Therefore, a thorough investigation should be done when choosing confectionery packaging materials. All these packaging materials can be used on our candy packaging machine, if you need, you can contact us.

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