A customer in South Africa ordered our flour packaging machine for his product, and will fill 2kg in each package.

This model is currently more popular and can be used to pack wheat flour, maize flour, rice flour, etc. The application range is very wide, and many customers choose to buy this model. The reason why this model is so popular is because:

  1. It adopts PLC control and man-machine interface operation, servo motor single pull or double pull membrane structure, simple operation and maintenance.
  2. Photoelectric tracking system, accurate sealing and cutting position.
  3. Circuit control and air circuit control are separated independently, with low noise, good airtightness, more stable circuit operation and longer service life.
  4. It can automatically complete all packaging processes such as product measurement, filling and bag making, inflation (exhaust), date printing, and counting.
  5. Equipped with a fault display system to help troubleshoot in time.
  6. Dust removal devices, static removal devices, etc. can be added to meet the production needs of different customers.

If you have special packaging requirements, please tell us in advance, we can customize according to your needs.

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