Frozen food covers many categories, including fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, etc. Because the temperature of frozen food is very low, the requirements for packaging are relatively high. As a frozen food packaging equipment manufacturer, we offer various types of packaging machines. And according to the user’s packaging requirements, we can provide customers with customized frozen food packaging systems. Our complete portfolio of packaging machines can pack, fill, bag, and box, creating a fully automated packaging system for you.

frozen food packing

What frozen food packaging equipment do we offer?

1. Multi-Head weigher packaging machine

Different types of bags can be made on one machine, such as pillow bags, gusset bags. Pack a variety of IQF foods from fruits and vegetables to snacks and seafood.

  • 2. Premade-pouch packing machine

The machine can also be used to pack a wide range of IQF foods, from fruits and vegetables to snacks and seafood. The difference between it and the vertical machine is that it uses prefabricated bags. And one machine can be used for different types, different sizes of prefabricated bags. Such as pillow bags, stand-up bags, zipper bags, etc.

  • 3. Case packing machine

The machine belongs to the terminal equipment in the packaging line. For packing and sealing bagged frozen food into boxes. This makes transportation more convenient.

Our advantage:

  1. The machine is highly water resistant and can be flushed to help you maintain the highest product safety.
  2. Changes in product lines require quick, repeatable changeovers. Our equipment can help you reduce labor intensity.

If you need packaging equipment to help you pack frozen food, you can contact us.

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