After packaged in bags can potato chips be sold in a long shelf life. but how are potato chips packaged?

Due to the fragility of potato chips, we usually use a dedicated potato chips packaging machine to complete the packaging process:

  1. The elevator sends the potato chips into the upper feeding tray.
  2. Then the main vibration plate and line vibration machine automatically controlled by the combination weigher send the potato chips from the upper feeding plate into the buffer feeding hopper.
  3. Then enter the weighing bucket. The processor screens, arranges, and combines according to the different weight values in the weighing bucket, and selects the combination that is closest to the set value. The weighing bucket of this combination is opened, through the chute collection, the potato chips are sent to the collecting hopper or directly into the packaging machine to complete the packaging.
  4. At the same time, the processor outputs and receives online signals to coordinate with other equipment (such as packaging machines, hoists, etc.).

The weighing part of the combination scale is actually a combination selection process, it is composed of multiple weighing units with independent feeding and discharging structures, generally composed of 10-24 weighing units. The computer uses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically optimize and calculate the weight value of each weighing unit, and obtain the combination that is closest to the preset target weight value for packaging.

Although there are professional machines to complete the packaging process, in order to better package potato chips, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1.Filling gas

Usually, the packaged potato chips are bagged in nitrogen filling bags to protect them from being oxidized. Nitrogen can prevent air penetrating into bags gradually and keep potato chips fresh over a long period.

2.Reduce manual contact

Because potato chips are food, manual contact will cause secondary pollution, and the hygiene of the product cannot be guaranteed. So you can choose auxiliary equipment to achieve fully automatic packaging.

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