How do you wrap a pack of cigarettes? Usually we will use a professional cigarette cellophane wrapping machine to do it. But how does it complete the packaging process of cigarettes?

The BOPP film is cut into the length that meets the packaging requirements by the cutter, the cigarette case is conveyed by the conveyor, the cylinder pushes the stacking (according to the required form and quantity), and the film is wrapped and folded to form a medium-sized package.

cigarette packing process


Step 1: After the machine is installed correctly, turn on the power supply and connect to the ground wire according to the sign. The ground wire is required to be introduced from a depth of 1.5 meters below the ground; at the same time, the oil tank of about 2/3 of the tank height is injected into the oil tank of the tanker.

Step 2: Turn on the power switch, and set the temperature for shaping upper, shaping lower, before side sealing, after side sealing, long sealing and pre-sealing. (Strictly refer to the temperature on the manual for setting). After the temperature is set, let the heating tube begin to heat.

Step 3: After the temperature reaches the set temperature, put a small amount of boxes into the hopper, press the “run” button on the control panel, and at the same time put the air pump in the “on” position, adjust the speed of the inverter to make the machine from slow to fast , start the test machine. Observe the packaging of the film on the box. If there is no problem, the machine can enter the normal production state.

Step 4: stop the machine. Stop the machine after the production is completed. First press the “Stop” button on the control panel, and then put the power switch to the “off” position.

Benefits of using machine packaging:

  1. The packaging effect is more beautiful, making the packaging film fit the cigarette case better.
  2. Uniform packaging. Compared with manual packaging, the machine can make the packaging of each box achieve the same effect.
  3. Fast packaging. The workload of one machine is equivalent to the manual packaging of 8 people.
  4. High yield, reducing packaging material waste.

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