Shrink wrap is one of the useful and easy ways to protect box for storage or during transport, many companies adopt. But how to shrink wrap a box?

1.Choose a box shrink wrap machine, mainly considered from the following aspects:

  • The demand for packaging speed. Semi-automatic can be selected for low speed, fully automatic for high speed.
  • The size of the box. This will determine the size of the shrink tunnel.
  • Factory area. The size of your factory will also determine which model you want to buy.
box shrink wrap machine

2.Choose shrink wrap film

The two most common shrink wrap films are PVC and polyolefin. Polyolefin is more durable when it comes to wrapping items with sharp edges.

3.How to shrink wrap a box?

  • Feeding film: The film is unrolled from the film roll and sent to the wrapping area.
  • Wrap film: While the box moves forward, one end of the film is pressed under the box, and the other end wraps around the box once and then returns to the bottom of the product to form a wrapper around the box.
  • Feed box: Transport the box into the machine.
  • Shrink: The film is electrically heated, and the packaging film is tightened to the box by the shrinkage property of the film, thereby completing the shrink wrapping process.

This is just the basic step of shrink wrapping. For different models, their work flow will be a little different, but the working principle is the same. Using the principle that the shrink film can shrink when heated, the film is tightly attached to the surface of the product through the heat shrink tunnel. If you have other questions about shrink wrap, please feel free contact us: [email protected]  

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