Lotion is an important skin care products for many people, in most cases, they are put in bottles, but do you know how to fill lotion bottles?

Generally the filling process complete by automatic lotion filling machine, which is design for this products.

So how to fill lotion bottles by the machine?

The material is supplied by the gear pump, and the cylinder pushes the piston to pump the material into a container cylinder, which is connected with a check valve in the middle. Then through the push of the cylinder, the lotion in the cylinder is pushed into the filling head through the piston to realize the filling.

This machine is generally used in food, cosmetics and other industries, its working principle is to use compressed air as power, and an automatic filling system is composed of precision pneumatic components. The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and the working environment is low.

O The machine has the functions of automatic conveying, automatic filling, jammed bottle positioning, preventing dripping, lifting filling and so on.

O The material contact part adopts 304 stainless steel. Can be customized to 316 stainless steel material.

O The hopper can be made of double-layer fully sealed and heat-preserving type.

O The hopper has a stirring function and can be installed with an automatic liquid level control system.

This machine makes the lotion filling process very simple, but the filling effect of the machine will also be affected by the following factors:

Filling accuracy: affected by compressed air stability, material uniformity and filling speed.

Filling speed: affected by material viscosity, cylinder stroke, filling nozzle size and conveyor speed.

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