Perfume used to give the human body, animals, objects, and living-spaces an agreeable scent, so it is very popular. As perfume manufacturers, they usually attract customers to buy through various packaging methods, the most common method is cellophane overwrapping. A customer from the UK bought a overwrapping machine from our company to pack his perfume.

Why use cellophane to wrap perfume?

  • It is transparent, non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Does not generate static electricity and does not suck dust by itself.
  • Strong resistance to oily, alkaline and organic solvents.
  • It has the properties of moisture-proof, impermeable, air-tight, heat-sealable, etc., and it has a good protective effect on commodities.
  • Its transparency allows people to see the product more clearly.

Cellophane overwrapping is widely used, mainly including:

  • Food industry: The cellophane molecular chain has a wonderful micro-permeability, which allows the product to breathe like an egg through the micropores in the egg skin. This is very beneficial to the freshness and preservation of the product. Therefore, cellophane is widely used in the food industry.
  • Manufacturing: Because cellophane is made of natural fibers, it can absorb water in the garbage to be decomposed, and will not cause environmental pollution. It is widely used in commodity lining and decorative packaging.

Packaging tools:

The wrapping process is mainly completed by a professional cellophane wrapping machine. According to the needs of different customers, we will recommend different models. The model purchased by this UK customer is 300A because of the small size of his box.


  • Instant sealing, similar to cold packaging, will not affect heat-sensitive products.
  • Fully automated operation process, automatic feeding, stacking, packaging, heat sealing, sorting and counting, high production efficiency, reducing the labor cost of the enterprise.
  • PLC man-machine interface control system to ensure stable and reliable performance of machine.
  • The humanized and intelligent design and operating system make it easier to operate and maintain.
  • The design is compact and reasonable, occupying a small space, not restricted by the site, and suitable for perfume manufacturers of different sizes.

If you want to get the same model with the UK customer, please contact us:

phone/whatsapp: 0086-15515573212

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