As more and more families start to keep pets, the demand for pet food is gradually increasing. In order to attract more consumers, many pet food manufacturers began to use more types of packaging. So do you know what is the pet food packaging process? Depending on the packaging method, the packaging process will be different, but the necessary processes are as follows:

pet food packaging process
  1. Weighing

This step usually uses multi-head scales for weighing. The common ones are 2 heads, 4 heads, 10 heads, 14 heads, etc. The more heads, the more accurate and faster the weighing. It can be selected according to actual production requirements and factory layout.

  • Bagging

According to different bag types, different types of bagging machines need to be selected. If you want to use one machine to pack different types of bags, you can choose semi-automatic machines or premade pouch packing machines. Both types can achieve a variety of bag filling.

  • Metal detection

Metal detectors are used to detect metal foreign objects mixed in the production and packaging of food. The principle is a central transmitting coil and two equivalent receiving coils, which are housed in a detection head. The oscillator emits a high-frequency magnetic field through the middle transmitting coil, which is connected to two receiving coils, but the polarity is opposite. When the magnetic field is not disturbed by the outside world, the voltage output signals generated by them cancel each other out. Once metal impurities enter the magnetic field area, this balance will be disrupted, and the metal detector can detect the presence of metal.

  • Weight detection

The machine is mainly used to check whether the weight of each bag of products is qualified. The products of the front-end production line enter the speed-up unit of the checkweigher, and after guiding and speed-up, the products enter the weighing unit neatly and equidistantly, and when passing through the photoelectric switch at the front end of the weighing unit, the weighing detector starts to automatically weigh the product. It is a device that realizes high-precision weight detection stably and quickly under dynamic conditions, and automatically identifies overweight or underweight products.

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