Tea is a very popular drink in many countries, such as China, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. Tea leaves need to go through a series of complex treatments before being sold, and packaging is the last step. In order to preserve the aroma of tea, some manufacturers will package the tea in multiple steps. So what is the tea packaging process?

Tea packaging process

Step 1: Bag packing

This step can choose different packaging methods, such as triangle bags, inner and outer bags, round bags and so on. Each packaging method requires a different machine to complete.

For example pyramid tea bag packing machine. The electronic scale measurement method can easily change the filling material, and the measurement is accurate. Using ultrasonic sealing and cutting methods, the packaging capacity can reach 3000 bags/hour. This packaging method is suitable for granular tea, which can be fully stretched after brewing so that the fragrance can be fully released.

Round tea bag packaging machine: This is a packaging method similar to the coffee pod, suitable for the packaging of tea powder and small-particle tea.

Step 2: Cartoning

This step is to pack a certain number of tea bags into the box for convenient storage and transportation. From feeding, opening the box, loading the box, printing the batch number to sealing the box, all are automatically completed by the machine. It is fast and can pack different kinds of products.

Step 3: Box wrapping

This step is completed by a tea box cellophane wrapping machine. By wrapping the film on the outside of the box, it achieves the effects of moisture-proof, waterproof and dust-proof, and can also improve the aesthetics. This step can also be completed by a shrink wrap machine, which can achieve the same effect. However, shrink wrap will cause a waste of film and increase packaging costs.

After these three steps of packaging, the aroma of the tea can be retained to the greatest extent. If you have any questions about any of the steps, you can contact us. (email: [email protected]  )

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