What is the cost of tea packing machine? Because tea has different packaging forms and requires different equipment to complete, the cost of tea packing machine is different. Mainly divided into the following categories.

tea bag packing machine cost

Teabag packing machine:

The cost of this series of packaging machines is about 8000USD-20000USD, and the actual price depends on the model you choose. This series of machines is used to pack tea into filter paper bags. The finished products are round, triangular, square, etc.

  1. The contact part is made of high-quality stainless steel material, which is in line with the hygiene and safety of food and medicine.
  2. Automated process avoids manual contact with tea leaves and prevents secondary pollution.
  3. Ultrasonic sealing is often used, the sealing effect is good, and the finished product is beautiful.
  4. The packaging capacity, outer bag, and label can all be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers.

Teabox packing machine:

The cost of this series of packaging machines is about 15000USD-30000USD. Mainly used to pack tea bags into boxes.

  1. Automatic packaging operation can complete various complex packaging tasks at the same time.
  2. Step movement, double vacuum suction cup type cabinet, fast speed and high stability.
  3. Optional date batch printer and manual plug-in device.
  4. It adopts PLC control program and fault removal display device, which is easy to operate.
  5. The machine’s micro-movement device allows the equipment to be moved arbitrarily, which is convenient for adjusting boxes of various specifications.

Teabox wrapping machine:

The cost of this series of packaging machines is about 10,000USD-20,000USD. It is to wrap the BOPP film tightly outside the box, so as to achieve the effect of moisture-proof and dust-proof.

  1. With automation, compact structure and advanced performance.
  2. Adopt multifunctional components and functions, such as digital display frequency inverter, LCD display, etc.
  3. The heat-sealing temperature is clearly displayed, and the heat-sealing effect is better.
  4. It can be automatically counted and fed automatically.

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