How many types of packaging machines are there? I just want to say that there are many types. Because there are many types of food and different packaging forms, different types of food packaging machines need to be designed. Here we will introduce several types:

1. Horizontal Packing Machine

This is a commonly used packaging method, and its finished product is in pillow bag. It is suitable for biscuits, candies, chocolate, bread and other baked goods, or other types of solid foods. The machine has the characteristics of excellent production performance, simple and reliable transmission, efficient and fast work, automatic packaging and sealing, etc. It not only ensures the hygiene and safety of food packaging, but also brings good benefits to manufacturers.

2. Multihead Packing Machine

This is a way of weighing and packaging, it is suitable for granular food, such as chicken nuggets, cereals, chips, beef jerky, etc. It has a wide range of applications and is very suitable for food factories. The machine has automatic weighing, which is conducive to food safety; fast weighing speed; high dynamic weighing accuracy; the advantages of high degree of automation. Help customers improve production efficiency and save labor costs.

3. Liquid Filling Machine

The machine is mainly used in the packaging of liquid or paste foods, such as peanut butter, jam, juice, milk, etc. The machine is suitable for quantitative filling of liquids in a variety of bottle types. Small size, light weight, compact structure, simple maintenance, simple operation method. Adjustable quantitative precision, easy to master, stable operation, accurate quantitative.

There are also other food packing machine in our company. If you want more information, leave message to us.

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