Candies are packaged before they are sold, and candy manufacturers hope to attract more consumers through packaging. But what packaging is used for candies?

what packaging is used for candies
  1. Single package

This is a more commonly used packaging method, and the packaged product is a pillow bag. Use a flow wrapping machine to pack.

The currently used candy packaging machines are generally automatic, with fully automatic operation and user-friendly settings. Especially the multi-functional candy packaging machines that have appeared in recent years can pack many different kinds of candies with novel and beautiful styles.


  • The bag maker of this machine is a special tool, which can better adapt to the current multi-variety and multi-specification packaging requirements.
  • The differential feeding method enables the machine to easily adjust the feeding position during operation.
  • Sliding horizontal sealing mechanism, the center height of the horizontal sealing can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily.
  • The microcomputer packaging controller can achieve complete automation, which can save labor costs.

2. Multiple packages

This packaging method is often used in the packaging of gummy candies and chocolate beans, and most of them are packaged by weighing. In order to meet precise weighing requirements, multi-head scale packaging machines are usually used.


  • The machine can realize the packaging of various bag types, pillow bags, gusset bags, etc.
  • Automatic fault alarm system, safe and reliable work.
  • High precision small target weighing, combination of high precision and high speed.
  • Equipped with servo film pulling system and photoelectric tracking system, bag length and color mark positioning are accurate.

3. Tin foil packaging

Chocolate is often packaged in this way. Tinfoil has a strong barrier property, which can isolate the air and moisture in the air. At the same time, the melting point of chocolate is very low, about 36 degrees Celsius. Wrapping in tinfoil helps dissipate the heat from your hands and reduces the chance of the chocolate being dissolved.

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