Coffee is one of the three major beverages in the world and is loved by many people. With the continuous development of the coffee market, the packaging methods of coffee are gradually diversified. Hanging ear coffee is a popular packaging method in recent years.

What is drip bag coffee?

Drip bag coffee is packaged in a bag made of non-woven fabric with ground coffee powder. When drinking, it needs to be hung on the mouth of the cup and brewed with boiling water before drinking. The coffee powder can be thrown away directly, and the sugar and milk need to be added by yourself.

drip bag coffee

What is the advantage of drip bag coffee?

Instant coffee is a dry coffee extract obtained by evaporating the water in the coffee extract, so the nutritional content is not as good as that made from fresh coffee beans. Instant coffee is high in fat and sugar, low in high-quality protein and caffeine, and may lose coffee essence during the production process. The drip bag coffee well retains the aroma of coffee and the original regional taste. The coffee is brewed by drip filter, and as long as there is hot water and an cup by your side, you can enjoy the flavor of specialty coffee at any time.

How to use drip bag coffee?

  • Open the package of the drip bag, tear the filter paper bag along the dotted line, hang the drip bag flat on the edge of the cup, pour boiling water into the coffee pot with a sharp mouth, and let it stand for one to two minutes. (Water temperature is about 90 degrees Celsius)
  • The first water injection: Slowly inject water into the ground coffee, the amount of water is subject to soaking the coffee.
  • Let stand for 30 seconds.
  • The second water injection: continue to inject water slowly, and repeat the water injection from the inside to the outside in a circular trajectory, and then from the outside to the inside, and stop when the water volume reaches 150-200 ml.
  • The entire duration is controlled at about 1 minute.

Because drip bag coffee is very convenient to carry and drink, more and more coffee manufacturers are beginning to use drip bag coffee packaging. If you also want to develop a new coffee packaging method, please contact us, we will provide you with suitable drip bag coffee packaging equipment.

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