With the improvement of people’s requirements for health and convenience, frozen vegetables are more and more favored by consumers because of their good preservation effect, less nutrient loss, ease of use and other advantages. And frozen vegetable packaging machine as frozen vegetable processing process important equipment, but also by the vegetable processor’s attention. So what is the price of the packaging machine? Is the processor in the choice of equipment is the main consideration.

Price range

According to market research, the current price of frozen vegetable packaging machine is roughly between 10,000USD and 20,000USD. The exact price will vary depending on the model, function, brand and configuration of the equipment.

frozen vegetable packing machine price

Factors affecting the price

1. Functional configuration

The functional configuration of the packaging machine is the main factor affecting the price. The basic type of packaging machine function is relatively simple, while the advanced type of packaging machine has a higher degree of automation of the operating system, a variety of packaging forms, accurate weighing system and efficient sealing technology. The more functions, the price of the equipment will be increased accordingly.

2. Brand

Different brands of packaging machines in the price is also a big difference. Well-known brands due to mature technology, perfect after-sales service, equipment prices are usually higher. And some small brands or emerging brands, in order to capture the market, may provide more competitive price equipment.

3. Material and process

The material and manufacturing process of the equipment is also an important factor in the price. High-quality stainless steel not only improves the durability of the equipment, but also better protects food safety. At the same time, the excellent manufacturing process can also improve the performance and service life of the equipment, all of which will have an impact on the price.

4. After-sales service

Comprehensive after-sales service is an important consideration for many companies when choosing a packaging machine. The more comprehensive the services provided by the brand such as training, repair and maintenance, the price of the equipment will usually increase accordingly. Good after-sales service can reduce the risk of failure in the use of equipment, to protect the continuity and stability of production.

Enterprises in the choice of packaging machine, should be based on their own production needs and budget, comprehensive consideration of the function, performance and brand reputation of the equipment, choose the best cost-effective equipment. Through reasonable investment, enterprises can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, so as to occupy a favorable position in the fierce market competition.

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