A malaysia customer order a coffee packaging machine in our company, and request us to ship to Kuala Lumpur.

As everyone knows, there are many types of coffee packaging machines on the market:

1. Drip coffee bag packaging

Drip coffee bag provides a fresh and simple way to drink for coffee lovers. Just tear the package open, hang it on the cup, pour in hot water and enjoy. This kind of bag is packaged by a professional machine. Automatically complete bag making, loading, weighing, bag making, date printing, counting and other functions. Touch screen operation is convenient for operators to set parameters and adjust packaging specifications. Packaging specifications from 1g to 15g.

2. Coffee stick packaging

This is also done by a fully automatic machine, small-dose weighing, bag making, filling, and sealing. You only need to add the coffee powder into the feeder and set the volume per stick pouch on the touch screen, put the film roll on the machine, then the machine will begin working, from powder to stick bag, save cost for you.

3. Coffee sachet packaging

There are also several different packaging methods, such as back sealing, three-side sealing, four-side sealing, and so on. Adopting an advanced microcomputer controller, driving stepping motor to control the bag length, the machine performance is stable, the detection is accurate, and the adjustment is convenient. Intelligent temperature controller, PID adjustment, to ensure that the temperature error is controlled within 1 ℃.

The Malaysia customer chooses the drip coffee bag packing machine, to start a new packing style. If you also interest, feel free to contact us.

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