What is coffee packaging machine price? For different coffee packaging methods, different types of packaging machines are needed to complete the packaging, so their prices are different.

  1. For coffee powder stick pack packing

Packing is completed by stick pack packing machine. There are single-lane and multi-lane models. Prices range from 4000USD– 40000USD. The actual price depends on which model you buy. We will recommend a suitable model for you according to your packaging specifications, packaging styles, and packaging dimensions.

This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of powder materials. The packaging material is controlled by a servo-driven motor, with stable bag length and accurate positioning. Using PID to adjust the temperature controller, the temperature control is more accurate. PLC controls the actions of the whole machine, and the man-machine interface displays, which is convenient for operation. All parts in contact with materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure product hygiene.

2. For drip coffee bag packing

The packaging is completed by a drip bag coffee packing machine. The price is about 15000USD–20000USD. Usually includes inner bag and an outer bag. The size of the bag can be adjusted according to the customer’s packaging requirements.

Using a special hanging ear filter, three-sided sealing, hanging directly on the edge of the cup, the coffee brewing effect is better, and the bag shape is beautiful. The precise control system is adopted to adjust the movement of the whole machine, with compact structure, man-machine interface design, convenient operation, easy adjustment and easy maintenance. The inner bag length is driven by a servo motor, with accurate positioning and stable bag length. The outer bag is positioned by a photoelectric switch, and the film is pulled step by step. The length of the bag is accurate and beautiful. The inner bag is a non-woven fabric, which is convenient and hygienic for brewing. The sealing adopts advanced ultrasonic sealing, the sealing effect is good.

3. For round coffee bag packing

It is completed by the round coffee bag packaging machine, the bag size can be customized. The price is about 6000USD-10000USD.

Automatically complete bag making, metering, filling, sealing and other functions. Adopt advanced PLC microcomputer controller, drive stepping motor to control bag length positioning. Stable performance, accurate detection, intelligent control, and small error. Adding accessories can complete functions such as date printing, vibration blanking, and easy tearing.

In addition to these three packaging methods, there are other types of packaging methods, if you want to know, you can contact us. ( info@cankeytech.com )

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