What is coffee packaging process? For different packing method, the packaging process are different.

Drip Coffee Bag

Using hanging ear filter paper, the drip coffee bag packing machine automatically completes the packaging process, include weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, and printing batch number.


  • Special hanging ear filter paper, three-sided sealing, directly hung on the edge of the cup, the coffee brewing effect is better, and the bag shape is beautiful, which is very popular in the market.
  • The precise control system is adopted to adjust the movement of the whole machine, with compact structure, man-machine interface design, convenient operation, easy adjustment and easy maintenance.
  • The inner bag length is driven by a servo motor, with accurate positioning and stable bag length. The outer bag is positioned by a photoelectric switch, and the film is pulled step by step. The length of the bag is accurate and beautiful.
  • The inner bag is a non-woven drip coffee bag, which is convenient and hygienic for brewing. The sealing adopts advanced ultrasonic sealing, the sealing effect is good, and the bag shape is beautiful.

Coffee Stick

Usually a multilane packaging machine completes the coffee packaging process, including film supply, slitting, forming, metering, filling, sealing, and cutting. The bag can be four-side seal, three-side seal, back seal, etc.


  • The programmable PLC control system is used to control the operation of the machine, and the electronic touch screen provides intuitive production information, and has the function of automatic fault alarm, self-shutdown, and automatic diagnosis. It is safe and simple to use and easy to maintain.
  • The screw metering method is adopted for material metering, which has high efficiency and small error. The end sealing device seals the front and rear ends of the product to avoid curling or loopholes in the sealing position.
  • The temperature is controlled by an independent temperature control meter. The temperature meters do not affect each other. The high-precision temperature control system makes the seal more robust and beautiful.

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