Coffee is a popular drinks in the world. And with the development of technology, it is presented to everyone in more and more diversified packaging methods, but do you know the packaging requirements for coffee?

Coffee powder has very different packaging requirements. This is mainly due to the destruction of the skin and internal cell structure of the coffee beans during the grinding process, and the flavor substances begin to escape. Therefore, the ground coffee powder must be tightly packed immediately to prevent the loss of flavor and degradation.

In the past, coffee powders were packaged in evacuated metal cans. With the development of flexible packaging, heat-sealable aluminum foil composite packaging has gradually become the mainstream packaging form of ground coffee powder. The typical structure is a PET/aluminum foil/PE composite structure. The inner layer of PE film provides heat sealability, the aluminum foil provides barrier properties, and the outer layer of PET protects the aluminum foil as a printing substrate. When the requirement is lower, aluminum-plated film can also be used to replace the middle aluminum foil. Sometimes a one-way valve is installed on the packaging bag so that internal air can be discharged while preventing external air from entering. Sometimes, in order to preserve aromatic substances, the packaging bag will be filled with N2 gas to create an environment with an O2 content of less than 2%.

For the special packaging requirements of coffee, we have designed and developed many different types of coffee packaging machines, include drip coffee packing machine, coffee stick packing machine, liquid coffee filling machine, etc.

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