The cost of plantain chips packaging machine is related to the model of the machine and the packaging requirements of customers. Different models have different functions, so the cost of the machine is different. But what functions will affect the cost of the machine?

plantain chips packaging machine
  1. Lifting equipment. Because the banana chips packaging machine is large in size and high in height, a hoist is used to assist in feeding. According to the customer’s material situation and plant area, different lifting equipment will be selected, such as z-type hoist, chain plate hoist, etc. Their prices are different.
  2. Weighing equipment. In order to ensure the weighing accuracy and packaging speed, we choose a multi-head weigher to complete the weighing step. But the multi-head weigher also includes 4 heads, 8 heads, 10 heads, 14 heads and so on. The more weighing heads, the more accurate the measurement, the faster the speed and the higher the cost.
  3. Packagingmachine. According to the customer’s final packaging style and packaging weight, we will recommend different types of packaging machines, including premade bag packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, filling machines, etc. The cost of each machine is different.
  4. Coding machine. This is an optional configuration. This configuration is required if the production date and production batch number need to be printed.
  5. Metal detectors and weight detectors. The purpose of these two devices is to ensure that the product is qualified and hygienic. It can be selected according to actual production needs.
  6. Finished product conveyor. The purpose of the machine is to make the entire packaging process more automated, and if the collection process is done manually, the equipment is not needed. Then the cost of purchasing the machine will be reduced. But it also increases the labor cost.

In addition, due to the different packaging requirements of different customers and different machine configurations, the manufacturing cost of the machine is different, and the actual price needs to be calculated after communicating with customers.

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