What kind of packaging machineries used in fish and meat industry? This needs to be selected according to the actual situation. There are mainly the following machines to choose from:

1.Vacuum packing machine

  • This machine is mainly used for packaging whole fish or large meat, suitable for fresh and frozen. The application is very extensive, and has the following characteristics:
  • Extend the shelf life- vacuum packaging can increase product shelf life by 50% to 400%. For many products that enter the long-term freezer storage, vacuum packaging is also the preferred packaging form, which can reduce burns in the freezer.
  • No chemical preservatives required- vacuum packaging eliminates the need for chemical preservatives. Through the proper mixing of oxygen and inert gas, the fish and meat can be used for a longer time without using preservatives.
  • Improve fish and meat display- most vacuum bags are transparent, allowing the products in the package to be displayed on the shelf. Vacuum packaging is an economical packaging solution.

2.Multi-head weigher packaging machine

  • This machine is mainly used for the packaging of small-volume frozen seafood, such as shrimp, clams, oysters, small fish, etc. The machine has the following advantages:
  • Mechanical automatic weighing is good for food safety.
  • Fast weighing speed, suitable for large-volume packaging.
  • High dynamic weighing accuracy.
  • High degree of automation, reduce labor and save costs.

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