What are the commonly used flour packaging materials? There are many types of flour packaging materials, and different packaging methods require different packaging materials.

flour packaging materials
  1. Non-woven flour packaging bag

Non-woven flour bags have been widely used. Mainly non-woven flour bags measuring 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 50kg non-woven flour bags. The non-woven fabric is safe, environmentally friendly and breathable, which is very conducive to flour storage. In recent years, cloth bags and woven bags have become the mainstream of flour packaging.

2. Compound flour packaging materials

Composite materials are two or more materials that are combined through one or more composite processes to form a composite material with a certain function. Generally can be divided into base layer, functional layer and heat seal layer. The base layer mainly plays the role of aesthetics, printing, and moisture resistance. Such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, MT, KOP, KPET, etc. The functional layer mainly plays the role of blocking and avoiding light, etc. Such as VMPET, AL, EVOH, PVDC, etc. The heat-sealing layer is in direct contact with the flour, and has the functions of adaptability, permeability resistance, good heat-sealability, and transparency, etc. LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, CPP, VMCPP, EVA, EAA, E-MAA, EMA, EBA, etc.

Because there are many types of raw materials involved in composite packaging materials, with different properties, which materials can be combined, or cannot be combined, what is used for bonding, etc. The problems are many and complex, so they must be carefully selected in order to obtain the desired results.

The principle of selection is:

  • Clarify the objects and requirements of packaging.
  • Choose appropriate packaging raw materials and processing methods.
  • Use appropriate adhesives or laminating materials.

Of course, different packaging materials require different flour packaging machines to assist in the packaging process. If you want to know about related equipment, please contact us.

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