Flow wrap machine is a medium-sized horizontal packaging machine. Its working principle is that the packaging roll film enters the former through the drive roller of the packaging film and is formed. After the material is fed into the forming machine by the feeding conveyor, it is sealed longitudinally, cut laterally, and then output by the discharging output machine.

flow wrap machine working principle

Flow wrap machine working process:

Pre-set the size of the packaging film according to the packaged product. The packaging film is sent out through the feed roller to form a cylindrical bag in the bag making machine. Then, the two ends of the film are folded, heat and pressure are applied to the two ends of the film in the central sealing part, and heat sealing is performed. The products are continuously inserted into the tubular film at regular intervals through the supply conveyor belt provided at the front end (supply part) of the bag making machine. The packaging machine presses the conveyor belt up and down, and the products in the tubular film continue to advance at a certain interval. The intermediate film of the packaged product is heated by the terminal sealing device, and is cut while being pressurized and heat-sealed, thereby completing the packaging process.

Flow wrap machine operating steps:

  1. Check the machine to ensure that the machine is free of faults and debris.
  2. Install the packaging film on the packaging film idler, the exit direction is consistent with the in and out direction of the packaging, adjust the packaging film so that its center is consistent with the center of the longitudinal seal.
  3. Turn on the power, the power indicator light is on, the display terminal displays the initial screen; after 3 seconds, the display terminal automatically displays the running screen.
  4. Press the heating circuit switch to “ON” and press the button of the temperature control meter.
  5. Measure the length of the bag (the linear distance between two adjacent color codes, in millimeters).
  6. Press the start button, the machine runs, and the bag length adjustment handle(Clockwise bag length decreases, counterclockwise bag length increases). Make the bag length value displayed on the display terminal consistent with the measured bag length value.
  7. Wear the packaging film according to the schematic diagram, pull up the handle of the vertical sealing wheel, open the vertical sealing wheel, and pull the packaging film to the horizontal sealing position, put down the handle, and press the vertical sealing wheel.
  8. Press the jog button to make the horizontal sealing cutter cut exactly on the color mark.
  9. Press the start button, start the machine, make several bags, and check the sealing effect of the vertical seal and the horizontal seal.
  10. Press the start button, start the machine, make several bags, and check the sealing effect of the vertical seal and the horizontal seal.
  11. Put 1 to 2 products on the feeding conveyor, press the jog button, and stop the items before the horizontal seal, check whether the product is between the two color marks, and pay attention to whether the cutter cuts to the product.
  12. Feeding enough products, press the start button, and formally run the machine.

As machines become more and more intelligent, there are fewer and fewer operations that need to be done manually, which saves labor while improving packaging efficiency. If you want to know more about the working principle of the flow wrap machine, you can leave us a message.

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