Packaging machines are widely used in the food industry. Because the types of food are very diverse, there are many types of corresponding packaging machines. A customer from the UK ordered several food packaging machines for their factory.

The first set of equipment ordered by the UK customer was a tube filling and sealing machine for mayonnaise. Each fills approximately 100 grams. The machine integrates automatic drop tube, alignment, filling, end sealing, edge trimming, and output in one high-efficiency sealing machine. The worktable adopts the structure of the disc turntable, which can make the overall process more efficient and reasonable. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and does not leave stains.

food packaging machines uk

Another set of packaging machines ordered by the UK customer is a custom small vertical packaging machine for tomato paste. The mold of this machine is customized according to the customer’s bag shape, so the price is higher than the standard machine.

The third packaging machine ordered by the UK customer is an automatic filling line, which is also used to pack ketchup. But it packs ketchup into a bottle. This packaging line includes filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine. Automatically complete the product filling and capping process. This packaging line can also be used for the packaging of other liquid products and is very powerful.

At present, all three sets of equipment have completed production and are waiting for shipment. After the equipment arrives in the UK, we will video guide the customer to debug the equipment.(Under normal circumstances, we will debug the equipment according to the customer’s packaging requirements before delivery, but there may be deviations during transportation, so the machine needs to be reconfirmed after arriving at the destination).

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