Today, the food we buy are basically packaged before being sold. Food packaging is a very important step in the food production process. So what is the purpose of food packaging?

Food packaging

1. Increase the freshness of food and extend the shelf life

Food will inevitably come into contact with the air during transportation and sales, causing pollution. Appropriate packaging can protect food from external factors, such as air, light, moisture, and even bacteria. After packaging, the shelf life of the food will be longer.

2. The food retains its original shape and texture

Packaging not only protects the food from external shocks but also ensures that the food will not be crushed. The high-quality food packaging ensures that the food will not suffer any physical damage during transportation and delivery. It also reduces the labor required to process the product. In addition, when food always arrives in the hands of consumers in a high-quality state, it will increase customer trust.

3. Reduce waste

According to research findings, 30% of packaged food is wasted during transportation, increasing transportation costs. Food packaging improves the safety of product transportation and reduces transportation losses. The carefully crafted packaging ensures that the food remains fresh and intact in the hands of consumers.

4. Attractive

A large proportion of consumers make purchasing decisions based on the appearance of food. Attractive food packaging attracts the attention of consumers and attracts them to their shelves. Through this, food companies can better market their food, thereby increasing sales.

With all these factors, you should be aware of the importance of food packaging. If your product is not yet packaged, or you need to replace it with more attractive packaging, please contact us. We will design for you an attractive packaging solution that meets your requirements.

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