Food packaging technology is gradually formed and developed with the advancement of science and technology, market demand and the continuous emergence of new packaging materials. Commonly used packaging technologies are moisture-proof, vacuum, inflation, shrinkage, modified atmosphere, canned and aseptic packaging.

Food packaging technology should solve 3 main problems in food packaging:

  • According to the type of product and trade needs, first select reasonable conditions for food packaging to extend the preservation period of food.
  • Choose appropriate packaging materials so that the food can withstand the turnover of transportation, storage, distribution and retail after leaving the factory.
  • The packaging materials and process methods used can benefit the enterprise economically.
what technology is used in food packaging

Commonly used food packaging technology:

  1. Shrink wrap

After the plastic film of the packaged food is heated and shrunk, it is close to the surface of the food, so that the sliced or loose food can be compressed into a whole, which is convenient for transportation and sale.

2. Vacuum packing

The packaging under the condition of vacuum degree of 97-100kPa is actually a decompression packaging. It is mainly to exclude oxygen, reduce or avoid fat oxidation, and can inhibit the reproduction of mold and other aerobic microorganisms.

3. Aseptic packaging

Relying on heat sterilization to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation of food under sealed conditions. The food and container are sterilized and cooled separately before being packaged and sealed in a sterile room.

4. Moisture-proof packaging

For low-moisture foods that have been dried, the purpose is to prevent the food from absorbing water vapor from the surrounding environment and causing spoilage.

5. Inflatable packaging

First use a vacuum pump to evacuate the air in the container, then introduce inert gas and seal it immediately. After the container is filled with inert gas, the oxidation of grease can be properly prevented, and for metal containers, because the pressure inside and outside the tank is equal, the problem of collapse of the tank will not occur.

There are many kinds of food packaging technology, we will recommend suitable packaging technology and food packaging equipment according to your product type.

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